Grandma Collings Bakewell Tarts

Submitted by Berit Colling’s (Trish’s Mom).  These are a favorite at Christmas time when Berit brings them down.  There is always a fight between the Soganich and Kandler family about how many are delivered where.

Make pastry enough for 30 tarts and place pastry in tart forms.

I lbs of Tenderflake pastry lard makes 60 small pastry cups. Follow instructions on package.

Put aside in a cool place.


Make crust:

4 oz soft butter, NOT margarine

1 cup ground rice flour or almond flour or Cream of wheat works well.

1 cup sugar

4 eggs

5 drops of almond essence

In a bowl mix butter, flour, sugar and eggs together to a smooth paste. Add almond drops stir.


Put raspberry filling in each pastry cup, no more than what cover the bottom.  Add crust mixture, filling the pastry cups almost up to the rim.

Bake in 350 degree oven until golden brown, around 15 minutes.  All depends on the oven, the weather and condition of pastry.


Berit’s Notes:


Things to consider; the Rice flour in Patricia’s grandmothers recipe can not be purchase in North America.  It is coarser than the rice flour in stores here.   I have on occasion experimented with different flour seeking out something that gives the same results.

Almond or Cream of wheat are the best so far.